Understanding Skunk Spray Hazards

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Skunk sprays are usually very annoying because of its stinky smell. Also, skunk sprays often brings danger to your pet dog or cat, since they are the ones who are prone to be sprayed by skunks, thats why it is wise for you to understand some hazardous effects of skunk sprays to your beloved pets.

Normally, when your pet is skunked, he or she will just be fine. All you have to worry is getting rid of the disgusting smell of skunk sprays. However, removing skunk smell is never easy or fun. You have to be cautious in eliminating the smell since it may spread out and will linger longer that you ever wanted.

However, there are some possible dangerous side effects your pet can get from being skunked. There are several things that you should watch out for whenever your pet has been skunked.

First, check on your pet throughout his or her whole body. See to it that your pet has not been wounded, either scratched or bitten by the skunk. And when your pet was wounded, contact your vet and ask for his advice on what to do. It is dangerous for your pets to be scratched by skunks since skunks carries rabies.

Next, you must identify the body parts where your pet has been sprayed. If your pet has been sprayed on his body only, theres no need to panic. But if he or she was sprayed on his mouth, eyes or nose, it is again advisable to reach your vet for further consultation.

Other skunk spray side effects to your pets are vomiting, nausea and even temporary blindness. Whenever your cat or dog has these side effects, he or she must be properly taken care of with the appropriate measures or else, your pet might suffer from complications such as kidney problems and liver disease or worse, he or she can die. Thats why it is very important that you consult your vet as soon as your pet has these side effects to prevent further complications and death.
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Understanding Skunk Spray Hazards

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This article was published on 2011/04/12