Dumbo Rat Diseases - 5 Things You Should Know

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One of the things you need to look out for as an owner are pet rat diseases. Taking care of a sick pet rat can make you feel helpless and panic-stricken, especially if you don’t know why your pet rat is sick. Because of this, it is good to have knowledge about what pet rat diseases are and why pet rat sickness is common in order to know why your pet rat is sick and to prevent your pet rat from getting sick.
Here are some common things that cause pet rat disease:
1) Overgrown front teeth 
All rodents experience a continuous process of growth in their front teeth. This goes on for the rest of their lives. The only thing that keeps these teeth from growing too long is the natural wear and tear that comes with constantly gnawing on objects and food. Some abnormalities, effects of injury, or misalignment between the upper and lower teeth in rats can also cause this.
2) Overweight
Pet rats have a high tendency to become overweight or obese. Feeding your pet rat treats that are high in fat and sugar, like junk foods can easily cause this, and including too much of seeds and nuts in a pet rat diet can also be the culprit.
3) Tumors
Tumors have a high occurrence in rats. The older your pet rats get, the higher the chance of tumors forming. There is nearly a 90% chance of developing more than just one type of tumor – internal or external – in rats who go beyond the 2-year age mark. However, most rats develop lumps while they are still little.
4) “Blood” around eyes, nose, or paws
Most pet rat owners mistake this for blood when in fact this red or brown secretion comes from a gland behind their eyes. This fluid usually manifests in pet rats when they experience fear, exhaustion, stress, and can very well also be an indicator of illness.
5) Skin disease
Pet rats can experience a wide array of skin diseases ranging from infection, fungi, wounds, bacteria, viruses, baldness and hair loss, or even parasites. 
Early detection can be of a great help. Knowing what to do in the onset of these pet rat diseases can do a lot to save a pet rat’s life. 
In order to know more and gain in-depth knowledge about the further causes, prevention, and possible cures or courses of action in handling a sick pet rat, you can read more in www.dumbo-rats.com.
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Dumbo Rat Diseases - 5 Things You Should Know

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This article was published on 2011/12/12