Chewing, Exercise and the Miniature Pinscher

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Even though the Min Pinscher is a small dog, as an owner, you must remember to provide enough exercise and stimulation to have a happy pet that doesn't decide to eat some of your favorite things. It would be an unfortunate error for you to think that this small dog will not require much exercise. It is true that a Miniature Pinscher may need less space for activity than a larger dog. However, this dog is not a couch potato. It enjoys quality time with its owner, but it also needs physical exercise, opportunity to explore and opportunity to chew. If the Miniature Pinscher is not stimulated, it is possible that those favorite household items of yours will start to look very appealing to your dog and could conceivably end up ruined at the paws of the family pet.

When the Min Pin comes home, you need to provide appropriate items for chewing so the dog learns that chewing is actually a permissible activity and that there are certain things to chew and certain things to not chew. Dog proof your house to help with this learning process. You should remember that the Miniature Pinscher's need to explore, investigate and chew does not disappear as the dog matures.

If your Min Pinscher is provided with a variety of chewable items and other canine activities to investigate, throw and chase, they will be able stay stimulated to keep focused on those activities and not need to turn to destructive activities. The Miniature Pinscher is an intelligent animal who will quickly learn the house rules about the appropriate items to chew. After living with a Miniature Pinscher for awhile, you might observe that your Min Pin chews more intensely if there is any kind of stress/tension at home being reflected in the dog's behavior. This observation may be a wake up call that the Miniature Pinscher may need more attention from you.

So, although the Min Pin is a small dog, it needs a lot of routine exercise and a variety of ways to exercise appropriate chewing activities. You can even slip in those chewing activities that promote dental health. For a comfortable life with your Miniature Pinscher, dog proof, train the dog about what is ok to chew, and provide appropriate Min Pin chewable items. Training your Min Pin will require a strict routine. Once he or she is trained, you should have minimal problems with chewing.

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Chewing, Exercise and the Miniature Pinscher

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This article was published on 2010/03/31