Beat the Economy Crisis by Saving, Cost-Cutting, and Being More Resourceful With Your Pet Care

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Owners love their pets, but they don't always love the money that it costs to provide the optimum care for their favorite, beloved little cat, dog, or creature. This economy crisis has pet owners all over the globe fretting a bit with the prices of pet food, pet products, and general pet care services. Some feel like their little love is becoming a big financial burden.

To deal with these feelings and to help you and your family save with your own pet's care and food, here are a few strategies that you can use to reduce the financial strain of pet ownership. None of these tips are too far reaching, but are everyday solutions for saving, cost-cutting, and finding alternative uses for things that you could use to make your pet's life and your family's budget more comfortable.

Consider making your own pet food. There are so many healthy pet food recipes online. Simply do a basic search and you will find an abundance of recipes for dog food, cat food, bird food, and everything in between. The key to making your own pet food is to buy for cheap the ingredients that you need and to always keep your pet's health in the forefront. Home cooked meals are not best for your pet, so, be wise but frugal.

Use recyclables to save money on pet items. Instead of buying specialty nesting materials for your pet bird, hamster, or other rodent, use shredded office paper. You could potentially get it for free from your office or another local business, and because it's shredded, there is no concern about confidentiality issues. You could even use old newspapers and circulars that you get in the mail. This recycled paper will be a great filler for an animal's cage, and will also help with keeping our planet cleaner during this economy crisis and all the time!

Buy for cheap the supplies that your pet will need. Animals are not naturally materialistic, so they don't know the difference between a specialty collar or a dollar store knock-off. It's pretty safe to say that they don't really care either. Buy used items when you can, and get stuff for free whenever possible through sites like Freecycle and Craigslist. Animals are not impressed by price tags.

As an owner you may want to make the decision not to "keep up with the Joneses" when it comes to pet accessories. Keep things in your life simple and you will save. If you just have to have that specialty pet item, try to buy for cheap through a site like eBay or try your local thrift store first before spending at a retailer. By finding items on eBay, you can expect to save as much as 75%!

Knock out the middle man when it comes to your pet's care. Instead of paying a dog-walker or for expensive pet grooming, walk your dog and groom your pet yourself. That will be an instant saving, cost-reduction in budget! Another option is to develop a pet co-op of other people that could benefit from doing the pet duty themselves. Together you could save on things like kennels or pet-sitters, which you would not need because you could each take turns helping each other!

Your pet doesn't have to break your family's budget into bits. You love your pet and you want the best for it, but it's best to always keep your family's finances in perspective as well when it comes to your pet's care. This economy crisis can be beat, but you have to make the effort to keep a close watch and grip on your own family's budget in order to do it!

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Beat the Economy Crisis by Saving, Cost-Cutting, and Being More Resourceful With Your Pet Care

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Beat the Economy Crisis by Saving, Cost-Cutting, and Being More Resourceful With Your Pet Care

This article was published on 2010/03/29