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Pet lovers cherish their little buddies. Some of us go so far as to treat them more like a child than a pet. It's easy to do! They depend on us for virtually everything; they love us unconditionally and are always happy to see us… even if we've been gone for literally 5 minutes. You don't have to put them through college, you don't have to buy them school supplies, and they don't grow up to hate you. What's there not to love? But what happens when you have to uproot? You can hop on a plane or behind the wheel of a car in complete comfort and style. What about your best friend? How do we move them from one place to another humanely? It's going to take comfort—not only for their bodies but for their emotional well being—especially during excruciatingly long transports. Well, there's an answer… It's called Dogtainers.

What is Dogtainers?

This brilliant concept, born 30 years ago, calls Australia its home and assures pet owners the safe delivery of a calm, well cared for pet to anywhere in or from Australia such as Brisbane, Darwin, or Sydney. In case I haven't been clear, they specialise in animal transport (small animals, pets, etc.). And when I say specialise; I cannot be further than the truth. They take the business of moving your beloved pets from one place to another very seriously.

Exactly what you need and when you need it

Dogtainers transports locally and internationally (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, the United Kingdom and more); and will give you a quote online or over the phone as well as answering any amount of questions that you will more likely than not have. They are staffed exclusively with people who are patient, kind and understanding. If you're afraid that you have a difficult pet to transfer, take a look at just a few of the more unusual animals Dogtainers will transport; ferrets, ducks, turtles, snakes, lizards, guinea pigs, rabbits and even other animals upon request. The testimonials through which I have seen were obviously from people who were not only thankful but relieved that they have counted on the right service provider.

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Dogtainers take pride in providing a trusted, reliable, and affordable pet movingservice for you. We transport your beloved animal safely and securely within Australia (Domestic) or overseas (International). Check out their website at and see for yourself!

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Animal Transportation

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This article was published on 2011/06/06